Monday, February 6, 2012

Sneaky Fox

So, remember how we were all atwitter about the coyote

Yeah.  Well, this is how nature works: while you're looking out for the coyote the fox attacks.  Thankfully A) we were home B) we heard the God-awful shrieking and C) Hubby was able to spook the fox so it dropped the chicken.  Many hearts pounded fast.

Poor chicken survived, barely. Into the garage she went to recover until we could release her back into the flock.  Which she did and she was.

Now we know to be on the lookout for foxes and coyotes...and maybe bobcats. Why not be prepared.

PS--I'm excited to announce another giveaway coming soon! The details are being worked out now, so check back.

UPDATE:  Sneaky Fox/Coyote has struck again (that was quick).  We're now down 14 chickens. 

I can see it in my head like a scene from a Godfather-type movie:  Inside family is eating their spaghetti, adults drinking red table wine, listening to Pagliacci (okay, it was That's Amore); cut to outside the coop where meanwhile a clever night hunter has snuck into the coop (uh, yeah, we got so involved with dinner that we didn't get it closed up after the chickens went in to roost at dark...might have been that table wine) and as the strains of "Vesti la Giubba" reach it's tragic peak the coop becomes filled with a cloud of feathers...cut back to clueless family inside. 

Sigh.  What was that about being prepared? 

I guess that was the real lesson here.  There is no preparing for what comes.  That and make sure to shut the dang coop doors at night. 

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  1. Surely there is a good book in the making here?