Friday, February 10, 2012

The Fox and the Child

After losing nearly half our chicken flock (latest evidence now points to the neighbor's dogs, sadly, and not the fox or coyote...but we'll never really know for sure) I felt like it was time to embrace the existence of our furry co-residents.

To honor of Middlest's love of foxes I thought we should start there.  And our family promptly fell in love with, The Fox and the Child. It is rated G, but I must say there is a very violent scene towards the end (a natural consequence of the girl trying to make a pet of the fox), so I wouldn't recommended it for the 8 and under set.  Kate Winslet narrates the otherwise (nearly) wordless film and it has the wonderful feel of another of my favorite kid movies, Fairy Tale: A True Story.  All of us wanted to move right into the girl's fantastical home, complete with a Hobbit-like window and hammock in her attic bedroom. 

I had to bite my tongue a few times to keep from reminding the kids that wild animals are never to be approached, much less pet...but in the end I think the movie did a good job of it while letting us come along on the fantastical journey of what it would be like to be best friends with a fox.


  1. Ooh, sounds like a fun movie. I wonder if I could sneak it into the DVD player past the boys without inciting howls of "NO! I wanna watch Harry Potter/Starwars/etc." Maybe I could entice him with the violent fox attack scene (which I'm guessing is how the movie convinces us to not befriend wild animals?). On a side track, my two youngest are currently obsessed with the Magic Treehouse series and I find myself all over the place wanting to say, "Now, you know never to just go home with some strange man, even if he does say he's Leonardo Davinci, right?" or "Of course you would never cross a raging river on a narrow branch, even if a pack of Ninjas told you to "be nature" now would you?"

  2. LOL, Andrea, I hear you!! No doubt there would be howls. "A movie about a girl? And she talks to herself!??"

    Confession: As I called the kids to come see the movie my oldest groaned, "Mom, why do you always make us watch movies?" I know, the horror, right?

    But by the end everyone was smitten with the movie. Until I asked my Oldest, "Soooo, you liked it right? You're glad I made you watch it, right?" ;-)